Topic: Choice of the text editor for a development web php

All greetings!
Many years I use notepad ++ now I search for alternative.
I work on ftp, as a rule with the server on which draft copy, the local copy is not present. In the core I write php and js the code, I correct a marking a little,  in the core to it it is occupied .
The coding only utf, in respect of code design we aspire to the standard psr. The indent 4 gaps, accordingly  puts 4 gaps.
In notepad ++ ceased to arrange the following:
- After pushing enter the indent is not withstood also the cursor departs to the beginning of a line
- At an insertion from a clipboard, it is interposed crookedly indents .
- Did not find a convenient plug-in, for text autoformatting.
I ask to prompt free  in which similar minuses is not present, or a plug-in probably what that which  all it in notepad ++
Tried Atom, it even on a fast computer , is a little , plus not so convenient search/replacement so that another is necessary that.


Re: Choice of the text editor for a development web php

Tyk ?