Topic: That was accessible to our grandfathers, and will be a fantasy for our grandsons

Here looked through recently the Children's encyclopedia written in 1959. Here there approximately the spirit of the future soars in air, say in the future planes will fly about speed of 5 moves, cars will be flying, very fast and very cheap, constructions will be improbable height and complexity, in view of adaptability to manufacture of building materials, . . But looking at current tendencies I see much more sad pattern very different from images of fantasts and other optimists.
So that was in the nature of things at our grandfathers, and most likely will be terrible wildness or generally a fable at our grandsons:
- Superfast flights by planes. After all they are very dangerous are unstable and pollute the environment.
- Very powerful cars, with possibility of their usage as cars, i.e. out of stadium, for the same reason. In cities generally the privately owned vehicle will be forbidden.
- Pets like dogs. After all this mockery at animals, and generally they walk in a toilet, bite . In general to forbid. .. Muhtar/Hatiko will cause bewilderment.
- The amount of children will be from zero to two maximum. Memories that at grandfathers was on ten-twelve children will be perceived with mistrust to reliability and , say there was nothing more earlier, except as children to grow up.
- Natural products will cause disgust, and fear before the use, whether it is not enough that in not pasteurized milk can be.  will be everywhere and in . trading pickles leave in the past.
- Jokes over Blacks, gays, Jews  become unhumorous, and explicitly incorrect.
-  cigarets in any place becomes impossible. The mahorochnaja romanticism decays. Generally smoking win.
- Natural boobs. Soon all women will interpose implants generally!
- Medicines - will be really elite expensive product, instead of lots  hundred roubles for a pack.
- Freedom from any tracking. Our grandsons will be removed at once by ten loggers, cameras, tracking programs on almost all electronic devices.
- The fat and nutritious meal will be destiny near. Grandsons will guzzle  with an olive, and at sugar to look as our grandfathers looked at opium
- On bread it was possible to earn the hands. Like candle , or , or whistles to cut and sell. In the future all will go in offices-giants on operation-giant.
- Grandfathers can be fat. In the future to the fat will live very expensively


Re: That was accessible to our grandfathers, and will be a fantasy for our grandsons

Smart Bastard
, enumerated actually for aboriginals of Moscow, Peter and still steams . For others tendencies have opposite directivity. Well unless except hyperacoustic passenger planes.