There was at me a working machine on which has been installed Delphi. On this most Delphi has been written outproc COM the server, in ridl which file there is an import from OleIdl.tlb, and this most OleIdl.tlb has been installed in system by means Delphi (Component/Import Component). In connection with an iron upgrade has been installed pure Windows and development means, and here I and learned that on pure system mine COM the server after registration does not work basically. The server is registered start with /REGSERVER with  the rights. After that the server successfully program forms, but at reversal to any method  an error 80029C4A. After setting OleIdl.tlb through means Delphi com the server starts to work successfully. I float in COM technologies a little, and I do not understand that I need to make that the server would work without manual setting OleIdl.tlb.