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Share  success stories. At us at present mail analysis support@... Hands and creation  in  (if did not forget). Calls became so much that it lost controllability. At whom as in practice it looks? That that saw hitherto or    with function of a fence of letters from a box, or besides a manual rearrangement from mail in an internal bug , or ORTS which too  (or so it seemed to me). Who as does, I ask to share. Integration with  is especially interesting


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Hello, sr_dev, you wrote: _> Who as does, I ask to share. Integration with  In Dzhire is especially interesting there is a built in possibility to create  from mail. But on our project support all the same uses  a script for tracking  How much I remember, they simply added there hardly more difficult logic for the job  . But the same essence - when comes the letter on a certain mail box, automatically forms  and the answer to the sender goes that your request is accepted. There is Kanban support a command which processes a pool such  further - if can answer at once, answer or  a problem. If cannot, lower  on the following level of support. If the user sends some identical letters or answers the letter system it recognizes and  the information to existing .