Topic: How in u-boot to switch feet UART in which the loading broad gull is deduced?

Good afternoon, we develop  a board on the basis of family SITARA processor TI, namely AM5728. Has been bought them  on to be played. With it played enough and by development  boards circuitry told: "not to rewrite fire wood UART, connect it just as on ". On  the output of broad gull UART and Linux is implemented through UART3. But there feet of processor S28 and D27 are used. Our frame hung up UART3 on feet AB3 and Y1. With fresh  on a basis dts yet did not work. Therefore  capitally. Dug out U-BOOT till such interesting moment: in a file arch/arm/dts/am57xx-beagle-x15.dts found a choice of feet UART3: uart3_pins_default: uart3_pins_default {pinctrl-single, pins = <0x3f8 (PIN_INPUT_SLEW | MUX_MODE2)/* uart2_ctsn.uart3_rxd */0x3fc (PIN_INPUT_SLEW | MUX_MODE1)/* uart2_rtsn.uart3_rxd */>;} ; Ungeared  feet, included necessary to us: uart3_pins_default: uart3_pins_default {pinctrl-single, pins = <0x24c (PIN_OUTPUT_PULLUP | MUX_MODE0)/* uart3_txd.uart3_txd */0x34c (PIN_INPUT_PULLUP | MUX_MODE4)/* mcasp_axr0.uart3_rxd */0x3f8 (PIN_INPUT_SLEW | MUX_MODE15)/* uart2_ctsn.uart3_rxd */0x3fc (PIN_INPUT_SLEW | MUX_MODE15)/* uart2_rtsn.uart3_txd */>;} ; But marvelously it did not change anything. Given uboot on  all the same deduces a broad gull in the console, well and on ours  to a board of a broad gull is not present. The given file is precisely used by system since if to change  for example from the third for the second on  the broad gull disappears. Certainly I do not hope at all to hear what specific bits where to write, that we   revived. But I will be strongly glad to any helps who already worked with fresh  why feet do not switch. Also I will be glad to any fresh manuals under the assembly  . .. The request not to offer  circuitry smile ... On a forum ti certainly wrote, but they probably do not know, since only suggest to read manuals which are already studied up and down. ... without a working output of broad gull U-BOOT there is no place further, since without it to us not to load  and file system through y-modem. Thanks!