Topic: I can not find the book on software testing (QC)

Good evening. Prompt, please, the book in English where the given testing methodologies can be described:
Algorithm complexity
Equivalence class partitioning
Boundary-value analysis
Code covering:
Statement coverage
Decision (branch) coverage
Condition coverage
Condition/Decision Coverage
Multiple condition (decision) coverage
Decision tables
Cause-effect graphing
Feature testing
DU paths
Mutant analysis
Fault injection
Path analysis
Symbolic evaluation/symbolic execution
Execution-time and resource use analysis
Linear code sequence and jump - LCSAJ
Dynamic dataflow
Executable assertion
Random data selection
Thanks! Already a lot of time spent. Found only the standard


Re: I can not find the book on software testing (QC)

Manage Software Testing
The author: Peter Farrell-Vinay