Topic: Restriction on format-number

Whether there is a restriction on number in format-number for xslt?
Faced such problem. If to take a great number, for example: 99999999999999.95 that conversion

<xsl:value-of select = "format-number (99999999999999.95, ' #0.00 ')"/>

will work not correctly. Instead of 99999999999999.95 it will be displayed 100000000000000.00.
If to remove at least one nine all fulfills well.
Whether it is possible to do without crutches and to provide in this case operation with great numbers?


Re: Restriction on format-number

The concept of a floating-point number is familiar to you? Separately a mantissa, separately an exponent. Accordingly we receive either a great number, or exact. For numbers with double precision for  52 bits (+ 1 sign) are used. Here you also rested against it


Re: Restriction on format-number

Thanks for an explanation. I was confused simply with that fact that it is watched after file conversion through a transformer. And at visualization directly (by line adding in xml) all is approximated well.