Topic: Creation of links

There is a site allocated in a subdirectory of other site (ApplicationPath =/subsite) At it such circuit  {culture} / {controler} / {action} / {id} i.e. the full path turns out: schema://domain:port/subsite / {culture} / {controler} / {action} / {id} Users can write therefrom  to support. It would be desirable to have on the created request at once the full reference. During this moment I have Request in which I see full  pages with which forms , but it is not absolutely clear, as it is correct to work with full paths. If I make so var ticketUri = new Uri (uri, "Ticket/Index /" + ticket.id. ToString ()); that I will receive schema://domain:port/subsite / {culture} / {controler}/Ticket/Index/id and if so var ticketUri = new Uri (uri, "/Ticket/Index /" + ticket.id. ToString ()); that I will lose subsite / {culture} And there is to it a service which under the schedule fulfills reports and sends letters. In them too it would be desirable to have straight lines , but Request and other things from MVC at service level are already inaccessible. Someone can solved a similar problem?


Re: Creation of links

Hello, QuAzI, you wrote: QAI> someone Can solved a similar problem? Understood nothing. You where that at yourself in a head left a context. At first, ways to actions should not be formed a string concatenation, and call Url. Action. And secondly you forgot to tell in what, actually, at you a problem.... <<RSDN@Home 1.0.0 alpha 5 rev. 0 on Windows 8 6.2.9200.0>>