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I go on , I look 3D distributions - there them 3 types - a vertical stereo pair 1920*1080 (i.e. a frame 1920*540), a stereo pair 1920*2160 (i.e. a frame 1920*1080) and BD3D ( 3d). There is a TV set of Sony X93 with 3D points, , kodi 17.3. Swung, launched - the TV set understands only the elementary 3D - 1920*1080, a high-grade stereo pair does not show in 3D, and BD3D any more does not understand kodi. Google shows that for BD3D - or Windows + nvidia/amd 3d a card (I at all did not understand it - why  cannot) + powerdvd (or still pair g-nopleerov), or sony ps3 (and forget about a grid, it is strict with BD disks), and on it all. I missed nothing? Xiaomi MiBox cannot? What  Dune? What that other device? In what here  - in a TV set or a player? What with the full stereo pair - what software/device should be able to play it? More shortly - who than looks 3d?


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Hello, aik, you wrote: aik> is shorter - who than looks 3d? WintelPro (truth without HD a sound) https://ru.aliexpress.com/item/Wintel-P … 09232.html CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra v17.0.1808.60 Well and  and columns 5.1


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Hello, Serginio1, you wrote: aik>> is shorter - who than looks 3d? S> WintelPro (truth without HD a sound) S> https://ru.aliexpress.com/item/Wintel-P … 09232.html S> CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra v17.0.1808.60 Is Windows, but it is already good that without 3D the adapter though. And the main  appeared in  BD3D ISO - when them plunder and  - why do not decipher at the same time, interesting? As a result I  with  also appeared that this  normally plays disks with protection "blueray +", but does not play with aacs, though the code and keys a place. S> well and  and columns 5.1 This that .


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Hello, aik, you wrote: aik> is shorter - who than looks 3d? If the device supports a high-grade format it is finite 3D-BR + any player. The player  if can lose, in 3D are not so necessary , it is necessary more likely that they were not. If points passive likely it is necessary to select formats where half of vertical lines - "one picture over another".