Topic: How to suppose a plane from itself in a perspective projection

I welcome, it is necessary to implement two projections of ORT and the LANE From ORT of problems is not present, and here is how from it to pass to perspective at me there were complexities. Here 10 seconds of video https://youtu.be/s5zxDZkGzt8 for descriptive reasons. It is necessary for me as on video, to suppose a plane from itself, help please, what day I suffer, and did not understand. What formulas are necessary for this purpose how I understand it is necessary for ORT to multiply a projection by a transformation matrix but how it to receive? A basis vector. The projection at me turned out such https://youtu.be/pgY_LesxhAs On the instructions of the principal, it is necessary to implement all most, . not to use OpenGL .  prompt where to dig, 3 days I sit with this perspective and I can not understand. Thanks.