Topic: Re: Fleet vehicle routing: op-tools vs JaCoP vs OptaPlanner

Hello, Tyomchik, you wrote: Those> For the task of delivery of loads vrptw in the presence of a motor car park of the different machines, what library is the most easier to usage from Java - Those> (from my impression not claiming for true of learning ) Those> - op-tools (in a dial-up  is demanded 2 of 3 of a box), is an example for one Those machines> - JaCoP (the designer? The example even with one machine vrptw as though did not pull on the thesis) Those> - OptaPlanner (the finished decision for one machine vrptw, the heuristics is not selected) Those>? Bypass of the graph without any libraries is the most easier for using. With Time Windows had no business. Well sleep  sometimes - 24 hours per day a steering-wheel  cannot. The formula of Vremja=Rasstojanie/Skorost becomes complicated. Both what? Also what for ? An amount of robberies/dtp?