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Vigorous day!
It is necessary to fulfill xslt conversion for xml a file in the size 2,6Gb. And it not a limit of the size. I launch under Ubuntu x86_64 ram 4Gb + 4Gb swapping. Files in some hundreds megabytes fulfills quickly. 2,6 - thinks about 3 minutes and takes off with the message "is killed" ( Russian costs).
Read as works libxslt. It  in the RAM initial and xslt files, then fulfills conversion. Explicitly did not find, but, probably, the result too in the RAM holds.
Question to the guru:
Whether stupid escalating of the RAM helps?
Whether can xsltproc use more 4?
How many it is necessary to the RAM (roughly) for conversion of a file in the size, let us assume, 1, result about the same size?


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that to the developers allowing the hand-made articles to create xml of such volume, it is necessary to break fingers with special content and pleasures.
Someone here already  files of such volume, like successful, look.


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Itself did not try, but people advise STX . On idea, should fly up


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XSLT versions 1.0 and 2.0 really load all (both xml, and xsl) entirely in storage. Therefore in any way-with!
It is necessary stream XSLT 3.0. But personally I did not use it.
I   files on C#, by means of stream XmlReader. The result of transformation, accordingly, was written too stream XmlWriter. Flies!


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One more variant - xmlsplit + sed