Topic: Table right margins, at update of the uniting I twist.

Kind time of days.
Came up against an interesting situation. The task to restrict access to tables and to supervise access through I twist also triggers.
I use MS SQL Express 2014 SP1.
There are two circuits and two tables in them. Is available in , uniting the data of these tables on a key, but having the filter restricting the data.
On I twist trigger INSTEAD OF INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE is created
The given trigger interposes, changes, deletes the data from tables using a key. As writes modification history.
There is a role including an insertion, change, removal from these tables. And as reading from I twist.
The given role is given the user.
Data is normally given through I twist. From tables given not to read. (Though it is possible to delete and change, though tselikom:-))
Now at attempt of update what that records in a DB through I twist, in the trigger, at update performance, using Where ID=XXX a DB presence of the right to readings from field ID of the destination table demands.
Question, whether it is possible as that it to bypass? Or probably generally to change the circuit?


Re: Table right margins, at update of the uniting I twist.

Grigory Poverennyj;
Give to circuits of the general owner, receive a chain of possession (sm editing) and access to other circuit.