Topic: Monitoring of queue by means of Service Broker.

Good afternoon. Started to study component Service Broker. There was a question - whether probably with the help service broker to trace queue overflow (when the amount of lines in queue becomes more than certain value). I know that is events which can be anchored to actions Alter, Insert, Drop, Create, but in this case it is all does not approach since they do not read out an amount of elements in the table (queue).


Re: Monitoring of queue by means of Service Broker.

Specify that you understand as "queue" for from your post I that that began to doubt.
Component queue certainly upon is the internal table but whether a little under a statement of "table" you sounded that that still.
[quote =] an amount of elements in to the table (queues).

You want to trace change of filling what that tables (user table) which consider as queue?
Or all the same want to trace an amount of messages in component queue (Service Queue)?
And so for last it would be possible to apply quite lawfully SELECT statement what to look at an amount of messages arrived in queue.
In addition if you want to carry out the monitoring on "automatic machine" that adjust on queue activation, internal or exterior - to solve to you.