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All kind day!
I ask for suggestions local gurus! A situation following. There is a basis. On it two file groups. One, as is supposed PRIMARY, and the second, BULK which physically lies on other disk. In the second file group formed and then temporary tables (it not an essence) safely were deleted. Today this disk suddenly died also basis fell out in Recovery Pending. From here a question, whether it is possible to recover somehow this lost file group and to palm off on basis or somehow to return basis to life but without this file group? Thankful in advance to all answered!!


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Bobby, here this subject esteem, there there is an arguing of a similar problem and useful references: http://www.sql.ru/forum/1113578


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That subject not at affairs, at the person 1  fell off.
Translate it  in , the basis should revive.
Conditionally to revive, i.e. even if it passes in online,
That if requests get into the second ;
Receive errors.
Full  is?
At you without variants,  was not ;
So only from full all basis to recover


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to Minamoto
Sorry, there in the end of a subject just also translated  in .
My stay in that subject was completed earlier, and it appears, there too all dared.


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  !!!! In another way it did not turn out smile))