Topic: CLR the assembly in Stored procedure does not work.

There was a necessity to rewrite operating stored procedure in CLR to the assembly on C#
Procedure on received ID in parameter does update lines in one table and does insert in the friend the table.
Understood how to make, wrote the first the clr stored procedure.
I launch in ms sql studios
exec  parameters
Works correctly, the result in basis is visible.
But thus, the procedure call in the target client (in it the developer provides possibility to launch stored procedures with parameters) errors does not arise, but in basis is not present result of action of procedure.
, could not catch anything unusual and different start in these two methods.
In the client and earlier this procedure written on T_SQL with the same parameters was launched, worked perfectly but when I deleted it and created with the same name with assembly CLR that judging by  it works but there is no result in basis.
I can not understand what there can be a reason of such effect, can who faced? Or there are ideas?


Re: CLR the assembly in Stored procedure does not work.

In general prompted, to check up distinction in initial settings at connection.
It appeared it is necessary to disconnect parameter at procedure start
And then all works, result in basis it is visible.