Topic: Changes in FbRemoteEvent

Kind time of days.
I ask the help in the following - the project with FB 1.5 moved on 2.5. The driver for.NET and DDEX were updated to the last version accordingly.
Earlier in the project was about such code which accordingly ceased .

FbRemoteEvent revent = new FbRemoteEvent (fb);
revent. AddEvents (new string [] {"new_g"});
revent. RemoteEventCounts + = new FbRemoteEventEventHandler (EventCounts);
revent. QueueEvents ();

I found though what that explanations - https://www.tabsoverspaces.com/233621-c … moteevent/ and the designer and event handlers, but here a method revent rewrote. AddEvents in the new version of the driver already is not present and it is not so clear on what it to replace. There can be who that faced the similar? There can be what that dock is?