Topic: FB4: "warm" NBackup

Read in RN FB4-Alpha:
[quote =] The nBackup utility in Firebird 4 can perform a physical backup that uses the GUID (UUID) of the most recent
backup of a read-only standby database to establish the backup target file. Increments from the <source database>
can be applied continuously to the standby database, eliminating the need to keep and apply all increments since
the last full backup.
The new style of "warm" backup and merge to a standby database can be run without affecting an existing
multilevel backup scheme on the live database.

It was pleasant to me: you launch a script in  each hour and you have "a warm" spare DB.

gstat-h d:\baza4\backup\standby.fdb
Variable header data:
Database backup GUID: {0192F9DD-6CF7-4204-A5A1-AECCD7809D86}
Sweep interval: 20000
nbackup-u SYSDBA-p ******-B {0192F9DD-6CF7-4204-A5A1-AECCD7809D86} d:\baza4\db_fb4.FDB d:\baza4\backup\backup.nbk
nbackup-u SYSDBA-p ******-I-R d:\baza4\backup\db_fb4_standby.fdb d:\baza4\backup\backup.nbk

Tried - works. But it was not pleasant that for extraction UUID from stanby it is necessary to launch gstat and to derive UUID from its exhaust. And it is impossible to specify standby basis in command line that nbackup itself read UUID?