Topic: Weblogic - Datasource and

Good afternoon. I am the beginner in the field of operation with weblogic.
There are 2 following questions:
1. Created 3 DataSource with different titles, but with identical JNDIName, accordingly each of them will be anchored to different servers. Applications on each server  also work, but probably it generates errors, whether somebody can prompt, whether ?
2. I try to adjust  through log4j. Registered for each server of adjustment of start-Dlog4j.configuration=file:C:\Foldername\logs/log4j-wls.config. The server read adjustments correctly, created necessary files with broad gulls, but record in them does not conduct, deduces only messages:
2017-10-09 10:49:24,482 [[STANDBY] ExecuteThread: ' 10 ' for queue: ' weblogic.kernel. Default (self-tuning) '] WARN org.apache.beehive.netui.pageflow.PageFlowRequestProcessor - Struts module is configured to use com.bea.console.internal.ConsolePageFlowRequestProcessor as the request processor, but the <controller> element does not contain a <set-property> for "controllerClass". Page Flow actions in this module may not be handled correctly.
2017-10-09 10:49:24,482 [[STANDBY] ExecuteThread: ' 10 ' for queue: ' weblogic.kernel. Default (self-tuning) '] INFO org.apache.beehive.netui.pageflow.PageFlowRequestProcessor - Attempting to instantiate SharedFlowControllers for request/console/ServerHealthStatusAction.do

Servers are created by a binding 2 of them on 1 machine and one as AdminServer. Whether somebody can prompt as to force broad gulls to write correctly. Application is able in log4j, jar enclosed in lib.