Topic: Access to objects sysdba.

There is a circuit, on it under the normal user any objects are got, and on the same circuit objects under sysdba are got. Now it is necessary from under the normal user  access to procedures of packets sysdba, but from under the normal user these packets are not caused - insufficient privelegies. Somehow it is possible to make to solve it? DBLink to create under or still somehow? Tried to create from dblink:
create shared database link link1
connect to user1 identified by password
authenticated by sysdba identified by sysdbapassword
using ' schema'
Produces insufficient privelegies. Prompt .


Re: Access to objects sysdba.

[quote =] on the same circuit objects under sysdba

are got
Set an example, as it is made.
Generally ready test case removes set of questions and shows that you did something, instead of simply ran on a forum at origin of the first question.