Topic: Circuit cloning

Yesterday felt shock - fulfilled routine operation, it was necessary  the circuit (user) oracle in new. Made expdr, whether then impdp with remap and went to check works.
And there in the new circuit packets, functions and  "were spoiled". In the new circuit some serial lines in single line in some packets and  incorporated. All anything, but programmers like to write the comment with - before title, for example, local procedure. And in this case all these lines become the comment ;-)
Never received such effect even at cloning of the same circuits ... earlier
Whether somebody faced such problem?
oracle on OEL 6


Re: Circuit cloning

Too emotionally and . I do not trust.
For imp/exp the similar problem was since ancient times at presence of the line comment after default a table column. But in datapump it disappeared.
[spoiler] the Error at import IMP-00003: ORACLE produced an error 907 ORA-00907: there is a right bracket

Elic@elic/elic11> create table qz_tab
Elic@elic/elic11> (n int default 0 - bla-bla
Table created.
Elic@elic/elic11> select data_default from user_tab_cols where table_name = ' QZ_TAB ';
0 - bla-bla



Re: Circuit cloning

If I heard it from someone - I too would not check.
Thus I cloned the given circuit repeatedly and such problems were not.
However, since some time plsql circuit texts began to roll by means of the new tool.
Yesterday I have been very occupied and had not time to understand in details.
The unique assumption at present is a combination in the text of one program unit  and  completions of lines.


Re: Circuit cloning

Bfink wrote:

a combination in the text

Or so saved in the original circuit without transfers of lines LF at the moment of export. Or without CR or, on the contrary, with the superfluous character of type \000 also you look through the tool which is not on friendly terms with only LF/with  by the character.