Topic: em13c firewall agent port and IE

oracle cloud control 13.2
1) at  the agent with  a web on a host the port the agent (default)  is "casually closed on a host
The agent of norms is put,  and is launched
Setting about what does not swear generally
The status of the agent on a host of norms,  the agent successfully
in  port
For oms agent it is still inaccessible also any swayings accessible does not become
How this problem to solve without reinstallation?
2) after updates whether , whether IE 11
For bases in a browser the menu is displayed only, stick for example into a top
And more low elements for login-password input do not appear
In  all norms
The host in  in the entrusted added, for entrusted the lowest safety made
Who remembers, what in  it is necessary to resolve for ?