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Colleagues, greetings! At me a problem at removal of records from the table, namely the part from them is not deleted, I so suppose this part of records is blocked. Actually a question in how to organize process of removal of records?


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And what writes?


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Errors or etc.
And looked exclusive lock can on this  costs (i.e. when so it is locked from tab. of anything it is impossible to make) though if as you write that are deleted a part to the table that lock not and


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The decision to remove lock if it to eat and delete records
But it is possible to make and so:
1. A table copy
2. truncat (cleaning) the original. Tables

truncate table <your table>;

If it was possible to clear the table that there is no lock
Simply without an example difficult that or still to tell


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[quote = _ ricardo _] Colleagues, greetings!

Colleagues in what? The so absurdly asked question produces the grandiloquent humanist, and they to us here not colleagues.