Topic: htmldb_Get csv 10 MB

Companions, all good afternoon!
In Prosses PL/SQL on Demand I transfer an array f01Array. And in it csv a file.
All was good until then yet started to transfer a file in the size 10-15 MB.
On client side the array is formed. And the field of transmission of an array in pl/sql the unit, the browser hangs up completely.
It is possible as that to bypass this moment and to transfer in such a way a file of such size?
var get = new htmldb_Get (null, $v (' pFlowId '), ' APPLICATION_PROCESS=my_proc ', $v (' pFlowStepId '));
get.addParam (' f01 ', f01Array);


Re: htmldb_Get csv 10 MB

htmldb_Get Function become outdated, is many other variants, for example, jquery.ajax, jquery.load
Or it is simply possible  a file as <script type = "text/javascript" src =...
Time a problem on the browser side it is logical to address on a forum - HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, CSS for a choice of the most high-speed method  such dial-up. If a problem solved, do not forget to write on a forum.