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Good afternoon!
At us the version under Win server 2008r2, a DBMS is torn: Oracle SE, Apex:
On which 1 application (big enough) and a dial-up static files is twisted.
It would be desirable to make an upgrade to
Whether prompt please there is a distinct manual on an upgrade... (Whether there is a link)... At  it is a little all  (Administration guide).
Questions not solved such -
1. Whether it is necessary to kill current version Apex before setting new?
2. It is necessary to export application for the subsequent import on the new version?
3. There is that that in the form of Step by step?
p.s. Clearly that procedure not difficult but made manuals did not find. (Or not there searched)
In advance many thanks!!!


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More shortly if application has no special exotic in implementation update transits on hurrah from standard scripts. In my case it was necessary to try to discover ways to circuit _050000 (autochangeover in a script application preferences) and to replace with the new. After that application earned.


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I.e. as I understood I carry out standard procedure of setting Apex:
Over circuit :APEX_050000


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Kostya555, just in case I will repeat that installed version 5.1 atop 5.0 using the same scenario, namely names of tabular spaces, a prefix to "pictures", names/passwords of users, etc., beforehand preempting application.