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And again hello!
Theoretical question this time. Tested seamless access of the client on  to the server ms SQL which tore in a cloud. (Thanks  for azure.).
On client side () there are only forms in which an output, update, removal happens only by means of requests from outside  (any  tables and so forth are not present.).
The output to the screen is produced through ADO procedure which comes to an end on the expression which has typed already a soreness of the mouth of type me.recordset = rs
All is healthy, all works. All protection and the rights to server side. Any  tables are not present, only a hardcore and untied is primary with the form )
But at such method of date transmission in the form the user filter falls off (in the filter list at its disclosure in a column heading not to be deduced the list of field values.)
Prompt please, it is possible as  to organize filter operation, without breaking a method of data output from the server on the form?
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Re: And again me.recordset = rs

Can pertinently use in this case generally MSHFLEXGRID?