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Basis structure
The table: Objects (Object1, Object2, Object3...)
The table: expenditure Articles (People....)
The table: Layout of a point of the expenditure (above/more low a control node on object)
The table: the Registration of daily expenditures (Date, the object Code, the Code of article of the expenditure, the location Code, the Amount)
It is necessary to organize tabular entry form of the information and it would be desirable in a type:

Date the Title to Itself to People.......
Object more low above more low above more low above
10/9/2017 Object1 0 5 4 2 3 0

It is possible such  built in or indirect  Access 2003 and where to dig?


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gfdsa wrote:

... Access 2003 and where to dig?

CommandBar th it is possible.


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Aim to receive the input table where one object will be presented once, in  I will deduce date, and here expenditures under articles across. It would not be desirable to have a heap of lines with one object, on everyone articles of the expenditure and signs above/is lower.


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Here therefore and CommandBar it is offered.
He allows Runtime to manipulate an amount , their properties (irrespective of a line);
That is necessary for implementation of a "horizontal" method of input.


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Never faced. CommandBar like as it is used for creation of the menu and toolbars. Tell more in detail. As to it to anchor  request, etc.


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It will be necessary to "anchor" pens the code.
"Lifted" demanded recorset, considered the necessary values of its properties for creation CommandBar,
Constructed CommandBar and it CommanBarControl.
Subscribed for events Control, described processing procedures;
Where implemented operation with records recorset.
Something of this kind:


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In DB structure are specified also to cross-table relationship...
At the correct structure the similar question dares the elementary-subordinated forms


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sdku wrote:

At the correct structure the similar question dares the elementary-subordinated forms

Tell to us how you were going to edit "the subordinate forms" the cross-tab query data?