Topic: Keyboard shortcut Ctrl-F5 ceased to be perceived

In event Form_KeyDown keyboard shortcut Ctrl-F5 ceased to be perceived.
Thus separately and that, and other key are recognized normally.
Combinations Ctrl to other function keys F* too are recognized without problems.
There was something on a similar problem:

http://forundex.ru/yap/Ne-rabotaet-sochetanie-Ctrl--F5-724934 wrote:

did not open VS couple of weeks.
I launch old projects - the environment does not recognize a combination ctrl+f5 for start.
In what business - and did not understand.
Like a trifle - but normally it is impossible to work. Mysticism any...
The problem is solved.
There was a glitch in a keypad profile, as a result of F5 worked as Esc

But that works for me in all other cases F5 as F5, and only here together with Ctrl something not.
The same it is possible to tell and about Ctrl - in the core it is normal, and together with F5 something not that.
What is "a keypad profile" and where it to look, I do not know.
Whether and it is necessary?
I ask to help to understand.


Re: Keyboard shortcut Ctrl-F5 ceased to be perceived

To begin I advise from check of the list of hot keys (suddenly something on this combination hangs?), and also from check of lists of global hot keys of other applications (directly ahead of origin of a problem no software stavilsja/was updated?)...
At the same time in the output agent deduce in  the codes transferred to a method - really event does not arise, or to it is transferred instead of the necessary codes unknown ?


Re: Keyboard shortcut Ctrl-F5 ceased to be perceived

All from this list has been done yesterday by me.
1. on this combination there is nothing other either for the specific form, or for other objects, works already about half a year.
All was normal, including at remote users. At them and it is now normal.
Costs on the form which does not have a source, area of selection, buttons of passage, scroll bars - actually the form-prompt.
The combination serves for mode switching of the menu of application - some menu items pokazyvajutsja/disappear.
2. from applications available by the machine the problem combination is applied and checked up in Excel and Firefox.
The result - does not work, though F5 both there, and there works.
New like it was put nothing.
3. event arises.
It is proved by transmission SendKeys "^ {F5}".
Procedure fulfills, as it is necessary - the menu state changes.
4. in Immediate all codes received by procedure, deduced.
Here there the situation for this combination oddish why I also did not ask a question yesterday - all tried to realize.
There was a chain of the codes 17 (Ctrl), and it is unimportant, what key from two nestled the first.


Re: Keyboard shortcut Ctrl-F5 ceased to be perceived

__ Michelle, hello
I do not know, what adjustments at you flied. But to eliminate machine failure, whether can try to connect the problem keypad to other PC and to check up the keypad behind itself results a problem there? At the same time it is possible to connect other keypad to your PC, and to look at result


Re: Keyboard shortcut Ctrl-F5 ceased to be perceived

Sergey wrote:

to eliminate machine failure

you inattentively read:
[quote = __ Michelle] separately and that, and other key are recognized normally

So neither to an equipment room, nor to a low-level program part of claims is not present.