Topic: Error 5981

It is a little history.
I develop a DB for customers. In it there is a procedure of creation of document Word by means of a template. The template is stored in a DB. If needed it is preempted on a disk in a folder from a DB, and then the document forms with usage of this template. During one "fine" moment it ceases to work. Started to search for the decision in i-not those. Found articles where it was said that this error arises at template damage. But! It appeared that document creation ceases to work when the program is on a network drive, and on local all works. Got to dig more deeply. It appeared that if you create the document without a template, it forms. If you create the document with usage of a template which is in a folder Templates in your profile - it forms. The problem arises in the event that the template is on a network drive.
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Re: Error 5981

There we go. Assumed that all it is connected to safety adjustments. After search in the Internet on one of forums found arguing of this problem. It was offered in Word, in a command control center safety to remove ticks from modes "to Include the protected review for files from the Internet" and "to Include the protected review for files in potentially unsafe layouts". Made. Helped. Now in the instruction it is necessary to add the remark on this problem.
I have an Office 2010. Checked on 2003 office. There such problem does not exist. The file forms both on local and on a network drive without any problems. On other versions of office could not check up because of their absence.