Topic: Depositing of the data in Access from Excel

Kind day!
I ask to help me with such task:
In a file "basa" the database to which it is necessary to import the data from various  books (Template) contains.
It is necessary to conduct search in criterion (in this case it is an account number) and to fill the missing data in basis.


Re: Depositing of the data in Access from Excel

ExcVl, one business - to add in basis from " books" the records missing in the table (it can be made append query with condition NOT In or NOT Exists), and another - to update fields in existing records. In a case with sheet usage  the update query is not necessary. Here it is necessary to open two Recordset on sheet and on the table, in a cycle on records of 1st to search and update in 2nd.
These 3 records in the table where the account is specified only, are imported by the operator? For what purpose?
If on sheet there are the accounts which have been not specified in the table - they are ignored?