Topic: Creation of the subordinate report

Dear experts, I ask to help to understand with an error at creation of the report containing the subordinate report.
Database essence: the Enterprise concludes contracts on performance of operations. To execute each contract to the subdividings the enterprise opens orders. Thus we have: on each contract - on some orders. I want, that and in the report it was reflected. And quits that under each contract the subordinate report deduces generally all orders containing in basis under all contracts.
The table "Contracts" and the orders table have the fields with the same name compatible on type. Communications, like the correct.
- At drag and drop of the report "Orders" in the report "Contracts", it turns out that under each contract all orders, i.e. automatically reports are deduced generally do not communicate.
- Tried by means of a control item "the Subordinate form/report". At a stage of the master when it is necessary to specify the bound fields, Access deduces the error report: " the Selected communication cannot be used. It has been created on the basis of relations between initial tables. Pass for its usage to the previous page and add the passed fields. "
In a word, I can not connect the subordinate report to the main thing.
Rested, as in a wall. Help to discover the reason. Thanks all who responds. I know that it is illiterate, therefore sarcasm I take as a matter of course. A basis file I apply.


Re: Creation of the subordinate report

roman-j52, can so approaches?


Re: Creation of the subordinate report

To you explained as anything else


Re: Creation of the subordinate report

Big to you thanks! All worked as well as it was required.
Once again thanks for a science