Topic: Form Access with single records

Hello. I  in Access so I ask enough simple question: as from one table in two columns to deduce only those records from the second column (in which some repeat) that they did not repeat in shape. For example: There is a table "Employees", and in it there are two columns - "Surname" and "Name". In the field value "Surname" do not repeat, and here in the field "Name" is identical values (names). I need to deduce all names in the form, BUT what repeat to deduce only once.
I already tried something of type of it:

SELECT DISTINCT [Name] FROM [Employees];

But it does not work. Tried also some other variants not too different from it but while any of them does not work.
I will be very grateful to all who helps to solve my problem.
P.S. Forgot to mark that the form should be in a tabular format (if it, of course, important).


Re: Form Access with single records

Thanks big. At me all was also, as well as at you, but with one error: I entered this formula in a text box, instead of the form. Thanks once again! smile