Topic: Update of the data in connected with Access list SharePoint - MS Access

All kind time of days!
There is a certain list (List_01) in SharePoint Server 2007
On the local computer in a network there is an Access database (2013)
To Access database  list SharePoint in the form of the bound table (List_01).
In the same Access database there is procedure VBA in which code forms
Dim rst As ADODB.Recordset
In this  further it is sampled the data from our list on specific
Set rst = CurrentProject. AccessConnection. Execute ("SELECT * FROM List_01 WHERE  = 1;")
Also we receive value of a specific field of this record
X = rst. Fields ("Pole_X").Value
All works, function returns value, but following "jamb" is noted:
If after change of value in the field of an element of list SharePoint Server to launch the given function later 1-2.,
That sometimes function returns old value!
There is a suspicion that the table in Aksesse has not time to be updated .
Probably there are any adjustments, type update rate of the bound tables or something similar?
And can it is necessary change something in a construction ?
Or at before record  in a variable it is necessary to update program somehow  the table?
What thoughts in the given occasion are?
In advance thanks!