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Greetings. Help with replication please.
There is such circuit - three server: A, B, a C
A - the master. Gives one :
binlog-do-db = asterisk
B.  from A, the master for a C. From and takes away one table of a DB asterisk in a DB voip:
binlog_do_db = voip
replicate-rewrite-db=asterisk-> voip
replicate-do-table = voip.dialplan
Also has two other tables in a DB voip huntgroup and huntmember and is their master
S.Slejv from B.
binlog_do_db = voip
replicate-do-table = voip.dialplan
replicate-do-table = voip.huntgroup
replicate-do-table = voip.huntmember
If on to change tables huntgroup or huntmember the data  for a C. But if on A to change dialplan the data  on B, but not to a C


Re: Strange

akamit everything that you read in numerous howto on replication works not as there is written.
These circuits https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en … tions.html work here
https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en … ions.html. And they difficult.
And not obvious cases when in one context modify tables of other database or generally all happens in a global context without database instructions, permanently happen at this forum.
Therefore the obvious answer - not to use filters of replication of any sort. Even to understand there is no sense that you there , the error not in mysql, and in understanding as mysql works.
Well and if it was necessary, also application and you, getting pens in the client sql, should consider contexts.