Topic: Help to make please difficult request for me

It is impossible to make cheekbones request for record in separate  a label of different lines on 2nd parameters - Second_name and Name. I.e. There is a table with 5 columns with the old data and the similar table with the new data. It is necessary, if in any of tables there is no identical combination Second_name and Name the given lines it is writeable in 3-retiju such table and it is underlined in . To a column "call" with type enum 1 - add, 0 - dell. A title of tables - all_contact_old, all_contacts_new, contact_call
Columns of all 3-reh labels - Id, Name, Second_name, Phone, addres;
Thanks big the responded.


Re: Help to make please difficult request for me

See https://ru.stackoverflow.com/a/717659/229437 - the similar task there dares.