Topic: To recover basis from.dat-files

Hello. Is  bases, but in a curve not clear type, namely, to each record in  corresponds.dat a file. For example on record in  with a title "test15" we have a file "test15.dat" and with remaining it is exact also. In files the binary data encoded base64 how it is possible to import such basis? Thanks.


Re: To recover basis from.dat-files

To write in any application-oriented language the program which transits on these files and makes insert-inquiries. For simplicity it is possible to make simply requests and to load them then manually.


Re: To recover basis from.dat-files

What requests mean? I want to try hands at least one record to recover


Re: To recover basis from.dat-files

The question is not clear. typical insert
If the binary data also is the purpose - that them and to write in blob through FROM_BASE64.
If this binary data represents any container - that to shake out from the author of it so you named  bake on this binary piece and to write a parcer. Or to shake out a normal picture of the data in a readable format.