Topic: Problem with the scheduler of agent ODI

Colleagues, good evening.
Faced a problem. The scheduler ceased to work. The test of agent OK. View shedule OK (but thus changes in scenarios are not displayed). If to push packets/procedures with hands through this agent - that all fulfills. And the scheduler, as though sampling on what that the moment. The broad gull of the agent pure, errors does not fall... It baffles most of all. At start in a broad gull of the agent in the plan  all as is necessary:
Scheduler started for work repository WORKREP on Agent OracleDIAgent
Agent is in scheduling mode
Number of items for scheduled executions: 93
I ask to prompt, in what side to "dig"?
OS Windows Server 2012 R2
In advance many thanks for attention to a subject and answers.


Re: Problem with the scheduler of agent ODI

Here articles can be useful
http://haithanh8x.blogspot.com.by/2013/ … acing.html
http://biexplored.blogspot.com.by/2016/ … uling.html
https://www.peakindicators.com/blog/odi … isplay-bug


Re: Problem with the scheduler of agent ODI

By the way, if support is, on a metalink articles on this subject, for example suffice
https://support.oracle.com/knowledge/Mi … 154_1.html
https://support.oracle.com/knowledge/Mi … 756_1.html