Topic: Currency m2m performance issue

Evening kind.
Cubed there is a classical conversion of currency:
- Sales with measurement of currency of transaction (measure: [the Total])
- The fact of courses (3 measurements: .., ., date, measure: [Course])
- Recalculation currency as M2M to sales (with  currency). On communication  DirectSlice for local currency (a default  on currency, course always 1)
- measure expression for [Total] it is defined as [Total] / [Course]
Digits correct, the course is tightened for the selected currency and day, the total of totals the true.
Saddens only that on  it is visible as all sections of sales, irrespective of the selected period twitch. Sectioning monthly, indexes are constructed. The fact with exchange rates not , indexes too are constructed.
1. The main question: why all sections, and not just necessary (days are selected from the report from one month) are read out?
2. For interest: why the group with courses when the currency is not selected or explicitly selected currency  twitches. DirectSlice, judging by the description, should take directly a measure from sales and not divide it into course (the course can to be got even but while it is, equal 1)


Re: Currency m2m performance issue

Look, as will be in Multidimensional 2016
Can, better?