Topic: Oracles BI Publisher - do not go letters

The first time faced with , therefore in advance I am sorry for such questions.
Problem in the following.
I do the most simple model, on it the elementary report. I do for it the job of formation of the report, I set the address of mail. I select to make single-valuedly, to fulfill now. I press to "send". The dialog box gets out, asks to name the job. I set a name, I press APPRX. It to me writes that the job is successfully transferred in handling. After that happens nothing, the letter to me does not come. Neither in the history of jobs, nor in jobs this job is not visible.
If to plan for a certain time the job till this time is in the list of jobs, after also disappears.
On the administration tab registered the electronic mail server, connection check transits.
In em tried to look at broad gulls on Domain_bi/bi/bi_server1/bipublisher (11.1.1)> Log Messages. Any messages there was not.
, probably, has been installed complete with BI to me and nobody used it, specially put nothing. On host:9502/xmlpserver comes, all models, reports I create there though there is a possibility and through analytics.
For normal  in em the same email server is adjusted. Agents successfully send letters.
Prompt, please. Perhaps, it does not have not enough any adjustments? Where it is possible to look, whether it fulfilled request (in request in usage tracking requests from  did not see), whether tried to send something, somehow to understand, what there happens? In what there can be a reason?


Re: Oracles BI Publisher - do not go letters

Quite probably that it is better to do through xdodelivery.cfg as that so
https://erp-integrations.com/2017/04/20 … ce-advice/