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Good evening;
Whether and create measurement in hours, minutes, seconds?
I need on  to adjust the filter in which it is necessary to specify not only for a day, but also in hours. Normally I created measurement time and hierarchy year, month, day, but hours and minutes never and I do not see in it sense, whether there is other method?
The example, in the facts is lines
17/09/2017 3:10:00 AM
17/09/2017 3:20:30 AM
17/09/2017 3:30:50 AM
If measurement is day 17/09/2017 these records at all will not be on a show-window, and I need to select records more 17/09/2017 3:20:35 AM for example how it to make?


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Or it is necessary to create on the same column of the facts separate  and it as measurement to adjust?


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How many  will be under an hour? - 10 lines - are not present it is not necessary - 120 . Well then norms


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I normally create constant measurement DIM_TIME with  about one minutes