Topic: Create Data Security Policy AWM Oracle OLAP

Hello, colleagues!
There was a necessity  data access of cubes (ORACLE OLAP).
I try to make it by means of Create Data Security Policy in Analitic Workspase Manager.
But there is an error
1. ACLDocument.createACLDocument
2. java.sql. SQLException: ORA-31061: Error XDB: XML event error
ORA-19202: There was an error at handling XML
LSX-00213: only 0 occurrences of particle "acl", minimum is 1
ORA-06512: on "XDB.XDB_RVTRIG_PKG", line 21
ORA-06512: on "XDB.XDB_RV_TRIG", line 15
ORA-04088: an error in trigger runtime ' XDB.XDB_RV_TRIG'
Attempt to find the answer through a search engine  to that did not result.
Probably there are other ways to adjust access to a section of the given measurements.
Prompt where to dig?