Topic: Dynamical Active Document in PowerPoint

Kind day all! We do  application for operation with the document type. The document is saved in a file with the extension. There is a desire to make for it implementation support in PowerPoint for convenient creation of beautiful presentations. I familiarized with this subject a little. It is necessary to organize support Active Document - and, type, there will be a happiness. Tried to create in a Visual Studio the elementary prototype (while we lower "pleasures" of a clumsy wizard and the extremely poor modern help on this subject). Its sobriquets in PowerPoint also found out mismatch of waitings to realities. The basic technology of implementation of documents assumes static display ( a picture a method of playback of a meta file). The implemented document can be edited in a place (well or in a separate window) - in this case it is accessible  the application. A counter of our application in interactive operation with the document. It is statically possible to display and it is stupid through a picture-snapshot. For example, for an interactive video playback on a slide in PowerPoint is special  (on which, in particular, it is possible to hang up events at presentation playback). , a question to experts: whether it is possible to make something, and if yes that what technologies that in a mode of playback of presentation it was possible to work interactive with the document? M., it is possible to write the ActiveX  which would implement this operation (though I did not find in PowerPoint possibility of adding ActiveX-kontrolov)? Or to implement in PowerPoint the plug-in for operation with my type of documents? Or it is possible any to expand in special way possibilities of the server of the document (probably, adding verb)? Thanks!