Topic: Update of system root certificates

I derive root certificates by means of function CertEnumCertificatesInStore () from storages ROOT and CA to create from them the list for OpenSSL. A problem that for different users (domain AD is used) this list different. Even on one computer. I.e. under one user OpenSSL can not install connection with a site because its certificate does not transit check, and under another - can. And accordingly under the first it is derived less certificates, and under another - it is more. But if under the first user to launch Internet Explorer from this point on under it from storages it is pulled out as much certificates, how many and for the second user and ssl connection with a site is installed. As I write service, I do not like idea, to specify in the documentation something, type "you should enter periodically into system under this user and launch Internet Explorer". How to me to make the same most, to ask windows to update the list of root certificates for the current user? Also it is desirable the correct method, instead of any crutch, in style "well you there simply launch Internet Explorer from service".


Re: Update of system root certificates

Hello, pda, you wrote: Here people dug: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/347 … on-windows In particular the command certutil-syncWithWU extorts a heap of certificates.