Topic: Prompt algorithm or a direction

There is mere verbiage W, consisting of alphabet letters a. z. Letters same, dial-ups different: the word can be length of 2 and more letters a word any letter of the alphabet there can be only 1 time (or 0 times are a word without this letter). , a word  | | that cannot be known about a dial-up: how many time meets each letter of the alphabet in a dial-up. In other words, in  words from a dial-up, remember, we do not have words with 2 + identical letters how many time a letter X meets in one word letter Y. The symmetric matrix (half-matrixes or the graph) with a zero principal diagonal of amounts where a cell [X, Y] = where X, Y belong to the alphabet it is necessary to define: all words in a dial-up, the order of letters is unimportant an amount of words with 2,3. n letters an amount of all words in a dial-up any of. subj: what algorithm or where to dig?


Re: Prompt algorithm or a direction

Example: 1) A in words there are 8 times; B - 6; a C - 8; D - 6; E - 6; F - 2 2) pairwise occurrence of letters in words in . A B C D E F 0 2 6 4 4 0 A 0 2 4 4 2 B 0 4 4 0 Cs 0 6 0 D 0 0 E 0 F the answer: BF: 2 times AC: 4 times BCDE: 2 times ACDE: 2 times ABDE: 2 times or such answer: in a dial-up of 12 words