Re: Reusage of existing methods

Hello, Stalker., you wrote: S> there is a table with 30 fields. There is a search in 3 fields, on an output essence with 6 fields. The index on 3 fields becomes, the remained 3 fields are added as included. Search in an index returns at once essence. If we pull all 30 fields after search turnes on  remaining fields (that represents ONE MORE search already on clustered index of that data), cost will be the order of 10-20 % o request. It without considering logical reads of pages of all this field, their transportations both other Are also other moments. For example locks. If you pulled an index on which who another writes that with  because of a superfluous field. Insulation, you will receive lock.... <<RSDN@Home 1.0.0 alpha 5 rev. 0 on Windows 8 6.2.9200.0>>