Topic: Prompt USB Hub with powerful (2.0A or Fast Charge) an output for charging and date transmission to the smart phone.

Good afternoon!
Problem here the such.
There is a smart phone on which the program (which works  discharges the accumulator, phone strongly heats up).
Simultaneously with it the computer is connected to the smart phone, for debugging and date transmission (Android Debug Bridge (ADB))
Problem in that phone is discharged faster, than it is capable to be charged through port.
Thus at similar loading the smart phone is charged from the power unit, and level of a charge of the battery slowly, but goes upwards, i.e. the current from native charging suffices. But it is natural, given to transfer it cannot any more.
Through  great volumes of the data, approximately 2 gigabytes for 20 minutes chase.
And so a question - as simultaneously and to charge (a normal current, instead of 500), and thus to drive the data through USB?
Can there are cables which mix a supply from charging, and signal - a separate connector? If such is, as them to find? To solder the collective farm it would not be desirable yet.
Or can be eat the active hubs which on such are capable? But I searched for hubs with a current in two amperes, but by close examination it appeared that it simply charging, and the data on these ports are not transferred.
The Samsung smart phone s8 +, on charging from it it is written Output 9.0V 1.67A or 5.0V 2.0A Adaptive Fast Charging.