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I welcome you.
Question on a subject only those who used it. On how many strongly it rustles? On reviews the different data, one write, how on  that there noise of whirlies under 37, at others does not reach and to 25.
To whom to trust I do not know, and it is important. For the case strongly to be pleasant to me, but whether it is necessary to be put in it on a subject  whirlies I do not know.
I can give references to the review, but it is not assured that is possible, as a rule word-for-word I do not remember.
In advance I thank.


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It it is necessary or to conjure most putting on 3 or 5, or  .


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Yes, precisely, volt, I thank for the correction.  it is good, but we look, as it will be. I there still want whirlies to buy Noktua. I will probably manage  whirlies.


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Jester Chaos
And if to be restricted be quiet! Silent Base 600, there  in a set. You put it in mid position, and case whirlies practically it is not audible.


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Yes at them, like, and at Pure Base, and at Dark Base  too available.
I just last week changed the old-kind Antec PlusView 1000AMG on Silent Base 600. As a whole it is happy. Became more silent also access to components more conveniently. But small lacks too are available for the new case.