Topic: SQUID and pages with errors

Decided to issue pages with errors in corporate style.
Visors in other folder files with pages of errors, were registered by a way in error_directory.
Contents are corrected and deduced normally, but I can not connect exterior styles in any way and pictures (lie in the same folder, I refer without ways).
Or I not so do something or only through the Apache?


Re: SQUID and pages with errors

Black Dragon [AZF]
In broad gulls look, it will be clear.
Try to register ways.


Re: SQUID and pages with errors

Wrote full paths ().... Did not help
Did for pictures still so:
In a squid config: icon_directory/var/www/html/squid/icons
And in a page registered:
<img src = "squid-internal-static/icons/image.png">
Does not see
If instead of standard picture SN.png to replace with another, changeover does not roll, is displayed built in...
On a server there is statistics, so while  all through the apache.