Topic: Problem with file import.mov in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

Prompt please in what a problem? At file import.mov in Premier Pro CC 2017 duration of video differs from the original in 1,5 times, accordingly and a sound from video are not synchronized. The sound normal, proceeds as well as original time, and further - only video. Tried different variants and any sense:
1. In After Effects - the same.
2. VLC media player - plays back a file as it is necessary, and time normal.
3. Windows media player - problems of synchronization of a sound and video, but time as is necessary.
4. Separated a sound and reduced speed of video - synchronization is not present.
5. Recoded a file in other formats, changed different frequency of frames - synchronization is not present.
Tried some more methods - result a zero.
Someone can faced such problem? The file clumsy can? The problem from myomas a computer can?
Asked a few this video to reduce, remount - and here such ambush.
Here links to a screenshot and a file from video, truth it volume enough, but it can becomes interesting to someone to understand. In advance thanks for the answer.
a screenshot


Re: Problem with file import.mov in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

In the first, video VFR. Alteration of such files - a problem.
In the second - a sound what that lined also shows duration an hour and a half at length of video 1 hour of 3 minutes. Actually a sound too 1 hour of 3 minutes
In the third - such sensation that is a repostscoring. Therefore the sound also is not joined to a picture.
You can try here that - to decode a sound (ffmpeg.exe-i "Module 1 Prepare Yourself Success.mov"-c:a pcm_s16le "Decode.wav") and to suppose it on  separately. So at least at them duration one will be. And then to try to adjust.


Re: Problem with file import.mov in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

The sadist smile
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