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IPS UltraWide monitor LG 29UM69G - the Interesting monitor, at the attractive price. I plan to purchase, the judgement of experts and owners (if those here are available) interests.
What tell, for the money a good variant, or who is possible that more interesting that offers?
34 "are not considered, since for me are considered big and the place under it on desktop is not present.
29 "for itself selected as an optimal variant
[spoiler= characteristics] Width 71 sm
Depth 21 sm
Screen diagonal 73.7 sm
Height 42 sm
Warranty 2 years
The country The Peoples Republic of China
Power supplies
Power consumption 30 W
The power unit In a set
A model series
A series UM69G
Wall  .
Table support In a set
Color, the sizes and weight
Overall dimensions (without a support) 33*71*7 sm
Overall dimensions (**) 42*71*21 sm
Weight 5.5 kg
Color The black
The control footing
Basic color The black
Key advantages
Pay attention IPS UltraWide the monitor 21:9
The successful decision Time of the response 1 msec
Important singularity AMD Free Sync
Users estimate The Stabilizator of the black
It is well invented Dynamic synchronization of driving
The screen
Update rate 75 Hz
Visibility 1000:1
Screen format 21:9
Screen diagonal 29 "(73.6 sm)
Resolution 2560x1080 Piks
Brightness 250 kd / sq. m
Dynamic visibility MEGA
Matrix type IPS
Max. Visual angle on . 178*
Max. Visual angle on . 178*
Time of the response of pixel 1 (GTG)
DisplayPort 1
Port USB Type-S 1
Connector for earphones of 3.5 mm 1
Input HDMI 1
The interface of communication with the PC DisplayPort; HDMI
The case
Connector Kensington Lock Yes
Fixing type to  VESA 75x75
Fixing on a wall Yes [/spoiler]
. A site: http://www.lg.com/ru/monitors/lg-29UM69G
The prices for the Market: https://market.yandex.ru/product/172353 … how=aprice


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There are at a forum people with such monitor? Wanted to set pair of questions.